COVID-19 Update

April 1, 2020
About us

We extend our sympathy and co-operation to everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic measures governments are implementing to prevent its spread.

Whilst many of you are sitting at home, why not go on a “virtual” holiday with us. We have many sample itineraries as well as tours and safaris that have already been booked for you to look through. Browse our website – there is lots and lots of information for you.

Uganda, for the next 14days, is on complete shutdown and this means we will not be in the office but will work from home as much as possible. So, we are here and will be here for you.

With this pandemic comes many changes and we have had to revise our cancellation / postponement policy as follows:

If a tour/safari is postponed to run in the following 12 months of postponement, we will endeavor, where possible, not to increase your quote but this does depend on assistance from our suppliers

The majority of suppliers (lodges/hotels/car hire) have indicated that if a tour is postponed with set dates within the next 12 months that they will also honour the present rates and quote given

If the tour is postponed more than 12 months in advance, there is a possibility of a small extra cost due to seasonal or annual rates

If a tour is postponed from now, up to 5 years from now, your deposit will be held in trust and credited to your next booking

Any tour that is cancelled completely without it being postponed, the non-refundable 20% deposit will be forfeited and cannot be refunded

Any tour cancelled, and fully paid, the refund will depend on supplier cancellation policies but we will endeavor to refund as much as possible

Each cancellation is treated separately, and we negotiate with suppliers to ease their cancellation policies

Please use this time to plan and when all this is behind us, we can assist with your next holiday to this beautiful part of Africa. Your assistance and understanding is appreciated.

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